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Over the last 30 years or more, the civil rights movement in India has emerged as an autonomous voice in defense of civil liberties and democratic rights of our people. The Peoples Union for Democratic Rights, Delhi, is one such organisation. It came into existence in 1976-77 as the Delhi unit of a larger national forum, and became PUDR on 1 February, 1981.

Press Releases

Sep 21 21:29

CDRO condemns mass arrests in Telegana and Andhra Pradesh: Black days of Emergency are here??

 The AP and Telangana State governments have coercively prevented the one day convention of the FORUM FOR ALTERNATIVE POLITICS in Hyderabad on 21 Sep 2014 from being held. This is a most condemnable, undemocratic and unconstitutional acts of the two governments.  The meeting was scheduled between 10 am and 5pm and speakers from other states were invited to participate in the meeting.  The convener of the forum, Mr Varavararao and a few other activists, have been taken in to custody by the police.

Sep 16 13:43

CDRO strongly condemns the arrest and detention of rights activists in Manipur by the Manipur state government

 Coordination of Democratic Rights Organisation (CDRO) strongly condemns the arrest and detention of rights activists in Manipur by the Manipur state government since 8 September 2014. 

Jul 16 19:49

Wazirpur struggle continues, as factory owners refuse to honour written agreement

 A month ago, on 6 June 2014, more than a thousand workers of 23 hot roller plants in Wazirpur Industrial area in Delhi had struck work. Their demands included only what has been laid down in the law.

Jun 11 23:14

PUDR condemns the killing of Mohsin Sheikh, deliberate targeting of Muslims by HRS and constant attack on freedom of expression

 PUDR mourns the killing of twenty eight year old Mohsin Sadiq Shaikh who was beaten to death by 30-40 members of Hindu Rashtra Sena on June 2nd in Hadaspar, Pune.  Mohsin’s ‘fault’ was that he stood out as a Muslim with his skull cap and beard, which sufficed the wrath of the HRS men to assault him. Media reports suggest that this was not a senseless crime, of a mob gone berserk at the spur of the moment, but an act of a deliberate targeting of Muslims by members of HRS.

Jun 01 05:30

PUDR Condemns the Brutal Sexual Assault and Murder of Two Minors in Badayun, Uttar Pradesh

 Barely have the voices of the protests against sexual assault of four minor girls in Hisar district in Haryana subdued, another horrific display of sexual violence has occurred in Badayun district of Uttar Pradesh.  Two Dalit cousins – both minors – were brutally gang raped, murdered and hung from a tree on May 27, 2014. The hanging of the bodies from a tree in full display by dominant communities, which is reminiscent of the dark ages, is most condemnable.

Latest Publications

Oct 17 14:53

Decision to hang Surender Koli: Yet another error of judgement?

 The Nithari case made headlines in 2006 when fifteen skeletons were unearthed from a house in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, following the investigation in the disappearance case in which a number of children and a woman went missing. House owner Moninder Singh Pandher and his domestic servant Surender Koli were arrested in the case and both were accused of serial murders, sexual abuse and cannibalism (eating human body parts).

Jul 18 20:08

Yes to Justice, No to Death: Position Paper on Death Penalty

DP cvr.jpg

 PUDR’s opposition to the penalty of death is three decades old. Like everything else our opposition on capital punishment is evolving and is a ‘work in progress’. Starting with serious objections to the arbitrariness inbuilt in awarding Death Penalty, the fact that almost all death row convicts have come from lower echelons of society convinced us of its unjustness and that in an unequal society even dispensation of justice is stacked against the poor.

Apr 22 05:30

Crimes of Habit: A Report on Custodial Torture in Vijay Vihar Police Station


 On 10 July 2013 a leading news channel Aaj Tak telecast a video clip which showed several young boys describing their experience of custodial torture by policemen of the Vijay Vihar Police Station in outer Delhi. The incident had occurred between 26 and 28 March 2013. The story was leaked to the media in July 2013 by one of the constables posted there. The news was later reported in various newspapers including the Times of India, Outlook, The Statesman, DNA, Daily Mail and Zee News.