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26 Dec 2010

Let us strongly protests against the conviction order of the Sessions Court at Raipur sentencing Dr. Binayak Sen, Piyush Guha and Narayan Sanyal to life imprisonment, because the conviction of all t hree in this case is based on flimsy, unsubstantiated and fabricated evidence and is a serious miscarriage of justice and a blow to democracy.

11 Apr 2009

Today, 25 years later, most of these murders remain unprosecuted. In the over 300 FIRs filed on murder charges, barely 10 persons been convicted. This outcome is only to be expected, given that the ruling Congress party prevented FIRs from being filed, refused to institute a commission of enquiry. The judiciary lent a helping hand by rejecting every petition demanding the same. No political party came out in aid of the victims or even to oppose the murders.

Parcha distributed during protest on 11th April 2009.

17 May 2007

DR BINAYAK SEN, General Secretary, Chhattisgarh PUCL and National Vice President of PUCL was arrested by the Chhattisgarh police on 14 May 2007 under sections of the Chhattisgarh Special Public Security Act, 2005 and Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967 for alleged links with banned Maoist groups.

13 Aug 2004

At 4.30 am on 14th August, Dhananjay Chatterjee will be hanged till he dies. Dhananjay has been living in the shadow of death for the last 13
years. Is it fair to hang a man who has already lived in prison for 13 years for a crime committed 14 years ago?

24 Jul 2004
  • That 38 million people of our country residing in the North East are forced to live under a military rule and an undeclared Emergency.
  • That this military rule has been carried on without a break for 46 years.
  • That even a non commissioned army officer of the lowest rank has the power to shoot to kill anybody, to forcibly enter any house, to destroy any building and to arrest a
31 May 1996

Civil rights activist and editor of Asomiya Protidin Parag Das was assassinated on 17 May 1996 in Guwahati in broad daylight, while picking up his son from school. He played an active role in the formation of the Manab Adhikar Sangram Samiti in 1991. At the time of his death he was General Secretary of the organization, committed to the cause of civil liberties and democratic rights in an atmosphere of violence and terror.

26 Sep 1995

Gobinda Mukhoty completed graduation from Presidency College, Calcutta in 1948. In 1957 he went to UK to study law. After completing his bar-at-law in 1964 he returned to India and started teaching at St. Xavier's College, Calcutta. He started practice as a lawyer at the Supreme Court in 1971 and was designated senior advocate in 1984. In 1976, during the Emergency he was actively associated with the newly formed People's Union for Civil Liberties and Democratic Rights. He was founder member of PUDR and its President till 1990. From then on he had been Advisor to the organisation.

17 Sep 1995

A. Ramanadham, a medical doctor by profession, founded one of the district units of APCLC in Warangal town.Started his career as a government doctor. Dissatisfied with the unethical medical practices, he left his job and set up his own Children’s Clinic in 1968 in Warangal.Dr. Ramanadham's involvement with civil liberties was inseparable from his professional role as a doctor. In fact, his professional role helped the civil rights movement which, in turn, made him a better doctor. Dr.

05 May 1995

This leaflet was publish during All India Convention Against TADA on 13 May 1995, hoted by PUDR and organised jointly organised by AIFOFDR, APCLC, ACRA (Assansole), AFDR (Punjab), APDR (WB), CCLDR (Goa), CPDR (Bombay), LHS (Bombay), MASS (Assam), OPDR (AP and Kerala), PRO (Delhi) and PUCL.