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15 Jul 1994

In the limited world of a resettlement colony Kuldeep desired to make it big is a run of the mill story.

A familiar story of an ordinary youth caught in a social environment from which he desires to break free. Kuldeep procures a passport for which he pays a considerable sum and leaves the country in October 1992. He does find employment as florist in Dusseldorf. One day he is apprehended by the German authorities, then deported back to India. He arrives on 28 May. On 29 May 1994, at around 8.30 p.m. a wireless message is given to Hari Nagar Police Station by the 3rd battalion of Delhi Armed Police informing the death of Kuldeep Singh. Next day the area SDM starts his inquest into the death under Sec. 176 Cr.P.C. The following pieces of evidence come before him: illegal detention of Kuldeep for 7 hours, attempted extortion of money from the family, 11 injuries on the body (seven of them caused during the period of custody) and heat stroke as the clinical cause of death.

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