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Tragedy of "Errors": A death via Two Police Station

11 Aug 1992

Bakhtawarpur village in north west Delhi is situated around four kilometres off the G.T. Road near Alipur. The viilage houses 8,000 people in a main settlement and one dalit tola. The residents of the tola do not own any land apart from their houses and derive their livelihood from petty vending. Raj Kumar (21) along with his wife, parents and two sisters lived in a house in the tola. The father worked as a mason and Raj Kurnar supplemented the family inome by hawking . Raj Kumar left home on 5 July 1992 and died at a hospital on 7 July.The police claim they picked up Raj Kumar on the night of July 5 following a complaint by K.S. Chauhan, a well to do lanowner of Sungarpur village. 

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