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SATPURA KI GHATI: People's Stuggle in Hoshangabad

18 Mar 1992

South eastern Hoshangabad is known for the Pachmarhi hill station, "nestled 'in tourism promotion language, among the Mahadeo hills. The rail route lies from Delhi to Itarsi then branches to Pipariya town, from where starts the ascent to the hills. From Piparia there are roads and buses to nearby Bankhedi and its rural areas. But a part of Bankhedi tehsil lies in the Satpura hills.Transport here is negligible,in fact travel to hill villages is fairly arduous. Irom Itarsi, you can also go in the othor direction to the forested Kesla block in the Satpura range. Tte road ro Kesla is well maintained since it serves both thc Tawa Dam and the Itarsi Central Proof Range, both located in this block.

The area witnessed simmering tension relating to land, forest, untouchability and sexual oppression in 1991 especially in the villages of Bankhedi, Raja Marihar, Kesla and Bijanhai. In order to investigate these incidences, PUDR team visited these areas from 28 December 1991 to 2 January 1992 and met with the police officials, villagers and activists of various organisation - Kisan Mazdoor Sangathan, Samta Sangathan, Student Organisations and Harijan Sangh.. The team also met with members of political parties, Congress-I, BJP, Janta Dal, CPI and also some lawyers and journalists.

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