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Not Another Terrorist Law Please: A critique of the proposed Criminal Law Amemdment Bill

11 Feb 2000

PUDR and other civil.rights organisations 'have time and again attempted to chronicle the immense human suffering that the earlier TADA inflicted on hundreds of ordinary men and women detained under it. This suffering was not an outcome of 'stray cases of abuse' but built into the very structure of draconian laws. Wide spread protests and struggles of people all over India finally bore the fruit as TADA was finally allowed to lapse in 1995, gut even the ghost of this act was never laid to rest. Till today people are languishing in jails under this 'dead' act.

And now we are faced with a new law on the same lines as TADA with even more severe provisions. This report is a critique of the proposed legislation. It sets out the reasons why we oppose this bill and demand its immediate and complete withdrawal.

We present this report in the hope that this might spark of some debate, contribute in some way to.the building of an opinion against this new terrorist law and demanding its unconditional withdrawal.Or else a perverse legislation, with the power to to affect millions of lives, to to tear apart the social fabric of civil society, to overturn the fundamental premises of the constitution, shall once again slip quietly into our midst.

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