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15 Apr 2002

After the burning of a railway compartment in Godhara in 2002, in which 57 Hindus died, the country witnessed one of the worst state sponsored genocide in Gujarat that continued for over three months.

Attacks on Muslims took place in 19 districts of the state resulting in the killing of over a thousand of them. Lakhs were rendered homeless and jobless after loosing their houses, business, property and means of livelihood. A large number of Muslim women were molested, physically assaulted and raped. This is a fact finding report into this communal carnage and its implications on the livers of the citizens. The report covers some of the worst incidents from six districts and the Ahmedabad city. It examines the role of the police at the time of the attacks and later during the course of the investigation, role of the judiciary, culpability of the Sangh parivar and the failure of the state in protecting the lives and belongings of the victims and in providing proper relief and rehabilitation. It includes the list of the accused. It also highlights the discrepancies in the official and unofficial figures of the dead by providing the list of dead in some of the major incidents. Apart from this the report also gives a brief background of the rise in communalism in Gujarat and RSS ideology and agenda in the state.

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