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23 Feb 2013

PUDR strongly condemns the indiscriminate killing and maiming of civilians, and damaging of lives and livelihoods in the twin bomb blasts on 21st February 2013 in a crowded area in Dilkushnagar in Hyderabad city. As per latest news reports, as many as 16 persons including a woman have been killed and over 115 people have been injured. Killing of unarmed civilians is deeply wrong and wholly counterproductive. PUDR appeals to all concerned organisations and the state to desist from spreading the politics of terror. We believe that the answers lie in political solutions and dialogue, based on a respect for life, freedom and justice, and not in mindless acts of terror. In the light of the above, PUDR calls upon all democratically minded people to collectively appeal for the same.   

D. Manjit  and Asish Gupta 


[email protected]