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18 Nov 1992

On 17 November, PUDR and PUCL released their report "Who are the Guilty".

The report covered the role of state,congress (I) leaders and police personnel during the 1984 carnage in New Delh.i Among other things the report carried in an annexure the names of the people against whom allegations were levelled by the victims. They include 198 local Congress (I) activists and others, 15 Congress (I) leaders (such as Sajjan Humal, H.K.L. Bhagat, Jagdish Tytler, Dharamdas Shastri etc) and 143 police official (Such as Hukum Chand, Jatav, Sewa Das and Chandra Prakash). The main findings of this report were further substantiated by the report of the Citizens For Democracy in January and another report by a Citizens Commission headed by former Chief Justice of India, S.M. Sikri. All organisations demanded a judicial enquiry over the carnage. PUDR and PUCL approached Delhi High Court praying for the enquiry. The petition was arbitrarily transferred from one bench to the other and dismissed by a bench headed by Justice Yogeshwar Dayal. Meanwhile the government began appointing committees on matters relating to the carnage, the latest being appointed in March 1992. In the tortuous course of administering justice at every single step a technical flaw or a knot was created, which doomed the next step. And every committee gave birth to another. The process is still going on. This report is an attempt to recall and record the demonstrative failure of all democratic institutions in the aftermath of the 1984 carnage, in Delhi.

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