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Over the last 30 years or more, the civil rights movement in India has emerged as an autonomous voice in defense of civil liberties and democratic rights of our people. The Peoples Union for Democratic Rights, Delhi, is one such organisation. It came into existence in 1976-77 as the Delhi unit of a larger national forum, and became PUDR on 1 February, 1981.

Press Releases

Apr 10 18:46

Opposing the Award of Death Penalty as Punishment for Rape

Peoples Union of Democratic Rights (PUDR) is concerned that close on the heels of the Supreme Court’s judgment of 21st January 2014, whereby the Court had commuted the death sentences of 15 convicts to life imprisonment, the Delhi High Court and the Mumbai Sessions Court, have in two significant judgements delivered separately have chosen to uphold the death penalty as punishment for rape in both the 16 December 2012 rape and murder case and the Shakti mills rape case of 22 August 2013.

Feb 25 08:14

Kathputli Colony at receiving end

 On the 24 February, 2014, the LG of Delhi put off the demolition of the Kathputli colony till the 1st April. But demolished it will be. Nearly fifty year old Kathputli Colony, home to 3274 households comprising between 15000-17000 people will be bulldozed at the hands of a nexus between the Union Ministry of Urban Development, the DDA and the builders Rahejas. 

Jan 28 05:30

PUDR condemns comment of Chhattisgarh ADG (Intel) Mukesh Gupta on Professor Nandini Sundar.

 PUDR expresses concern over the irresponsible and uncorroborated comment made by Chhattisgarh ADG (Intel) Mukesh Gupta on Professor Nandini Sundar. The ADG has alleged Prof. Sundar’s involvements in Maoist activities in the state. The police claims that the recently arrested Congress worker, Badri Gawde, who has been detained for his alleged Maoist links, divulged Sundar’s Maoist “links” over the Raoghat Mines issue.

Jan 28 17:59

Pathribal Killing: Requiem for Justice Denied

People’s Union for Democratic Rights (PUDR) condemns the dismissal of charges by the Army’s 15 Corps against four senior officers, a retired Major General, two Colonels, a Lt Colonel and a Subedar, belonging to 7 Rashtriya Rifles. The five were accused of abduction, killing, followed by mutilation of the dead bodies along with fake recoveries of weapons and ammunition, on 25th March  2000 in Pathribal.

Jan 23 15:38

Racism, moral policing and authoritarianism- not the common man’s tools!

 In the drama of the last four days, the culpability of the Delhi Government and its Law Minister regarding the incident on January 15th 2014, against four Nigerian and Ugandan women in particular stands exposed.

Latest Publications

Apr 01 05:30

In the name of Science and Public Health: Concerns about the Safety of Pentavalent Vaccine

 The introduction of the pentavalent vaccine in India in December 2011 as part of the immunization programme of the Government has had a chequered history. The pentavalent vaccine (a combination vaccine for protection against five childhood diseases- diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), tetanus, hepatitis B and pneumonia and meningitis (caused by Haemophilus influenza type B (Hib)), seeks to replace the  traditional DPT vaccine given to infants at 6, 10 and 14 weeks of age.

Jul 20 05:30

Fake Encounters in Odisha: How the State Picks, Arrests and Kills Its ‘Maoists’

On November 14, 2012, media reported that five Maoists had been killed and one red rebel captured during an encounter between the security forces and the Sabyasachi Panda faction in the Bhaliaguda forest area of Gobindapur panchayat of Gajapati district (bordering Ganjam), which falls in the jurisdiction of Mohana Police Station. Two independent teams (Human Rights Forum [HRF) and Odisha Sarvodaya Samaj [OSS]) had immediately gone for a fact-finding in the area.

May 25 05:30

DRIVING FORCE: Labour Struggles and Violation of Rights in Maruti Suzuki India Limited

maruti eng.F2..jpg

 This report is the outcome of PUDR investigation undertken after the incident of 18 July 2012, at the Manesar unit of Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL), in which an HR manager died and some other managers as well as workers were injured. PUDR investgated the context and implications of this incident, which the media projected as an isolated act of horrific violence. This report also tries to unravel the long chain of events and continuous tension and conflict that preceded the incident and the truth about the incident itself.