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Over the last 30 years or more, the civil rights movement in India has emerged as an autonomous voice in defense of civil liberties and democratic rights of our people. The Peoples Union for Democratic Rights, Delhi, is one such organisation. It came into existence in 1977 as the Delhi unit of a larger national forum,PUCLDR, and became PUDR on 1 February, 1981.

Press Releases

Jun 30 16:02

Accused Hence Guilty: Open Letter to Minister for Women and Child Development by PUDR

Subject: The Trafficking of Persons (Prevention, Protection and Rehabilitation) Bill, 2016

Jun 29 11:47

PUDR demands action against the Gurgaon Gau Raksha Dal for assault and violation of fundamental rights of two cattle transporters

PUDR expresses outrage at the barbaric incident of 10th June where, in a horrific example of discrimination and violation of dignity, two men - Rizwan and Mukhtiar - accused of transporting beef from Mewat to Delhi, were forced to eat cow dung by members of the Gurgaon Gau Raksha Dal.

May 17 08:23

Discharge of Sadhvi Pragya and others in the Malegaon Blast case: Saffronization of Constitutional Agencies

The month of May began with the BJP demanding action against the water mafia in Mumbai under the Maharashatra Control of Organized Crime Act (MCOCA). On the 10th of May Atikh Khan, Rafiq Khan and Javed, all three ragpickers, were charged with MCOCA for allegedly causing fire in the dumping ground at Deonar Mumbai. This was of course followed by the big story - the dropping of charges by the National Investigation Authority under MCOCA against all the accused belonging to the Abhinav Bharat in the Malegaon blast case (MCOCA Special Case No.

May 13 12:24

PUDR condemns the deplaning of Gladson Dungdung

 “I started travelling to the Red Corridor in order to collect evidence that this is not a war against terrorism, the so-called Naxalite insurgency by the CPI-Maoists but a war against the Adivasis. The hidden goal is to snatch their resources i.e. their lands, their forests, their water and hills. I believe that my mission to Saranda Forest proves this to be the case.

May 12 03:53

पीयूडीआर छत्तीसगढ़ राज्य के बस्तर ज़िले में पत्रकारों के खिलाफ चलाए जा रहे सुनियोजित अभियान की कड़ी निंदा करता है

पीयूडीआर छत्तीसगढ़ राज्य के बस्तर ज़िले में पत्रकारों के खिलाफ चलाए जा रहे सरकार के सुनियोजित अभियान की कड़ी निंदा करता है | इस संदर्भ में पीयूडीआर छत्तीसगढ़ के पत्रकारों की तरफ से बनाई गई पत्रकार सुरक्षा क़ानून संयुक्त संघर्ष समिति व पत्रकारिता की सुरक्षा और स्वतंत्रता की उनकी मांग का पूरी तरह से  समर्थन करता हैं |

Latest Publications

Apr 29 08:19

State of Siege: Report on Encounters and Cases of Sexual Violence in Bijapur and Sukma Districts of Chhattisgarh

 On 14 January 2016, a combined team of Coordination of Democratic Rights Organizations (CDRO), Women Against Sexual Violence and State Repression (WSS), conducted a fresh fact-finding in the Sukma and Bijapur districts in Chhattisgarh. Initially the objectives of the fact-finding mission was to investigate cases of encounter killings, supposed “surrenders” by Maoists and atrocities against tribal women in the villages in the intervening period of 3 months since the last fact-finding of WSS.

Apr 14 09:16

मैला ढोने की प्रथा बंद हो !

जाति पर आधारित मैला ढोने की प्रथा एक ऐसी प्रथा है जिसमें दलितों की कुछ उपजातियों को अपने हाथों से सूखी लैट्रिन (शुष्क शौचालय) या सीवर में से मल-मूत्र साफ़़ करने, इकट्ठा करने, अपने सिरों पर मैला ढोने या अन्य सम्बंधित कार्यों को करने के लिए मजबूर किया जाता है। हालांकि इस प्रथा को बीस वर्ष पहले ही संविधानिक तौर पर प्रतिबंधित कर दिया गया था, लेकिन आज भी देश में यह व्यापक रूप से प्रचलित है। 
आगे पढ़ने के लिए पूरा पर्चा डाउनलोड करें | 

Apr 13 09:56

Manual Scavenging must End

Manual scavenging is a caste based occupation wherein a certain sub-caste of Dalits are condemned to manually clean, carry, dispose or handle in any manner human excreta from dry latrines and sewers. Though it has been constitutionally banned for more than twenty years now, it is still found to be widely prevalent in the country.